Which Air Filter Is Best for My Home?

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Before you run off and buy another air filter, you may want to consider your options. It’s the filter’s job to remove allergens and trap pollutants in the air. Depending on your lifestyle and usage needs, however, one type may be better than another. Consider these points:

Type of Filter

There are three primary filter options for homeowners: pleated, fiberglass, and washable electrostatic. Pleated filters are very effective at removing particles. They are some of the top-rated for filtering efficiency. Fiberglass filters don’t last as long, but many people buy them because of their low price point. Washable electrostatic filters are reusable, which appeals to eco-conscious consumers. But they can be more expensive than the other types.

Quality Rating

Endorsed by the National Air Filtration Association, the MERV scale ranks the effectiveness of air filters. It runs from 1-16, and filters with a higher score can trap smaller particles. However, you don’t necessarily need the most robust filter in your home. Which MERV rating is best for you? If you have severe allergies, own pets, or live in a polluted area, you should invest in a higher-quality filter. MERV 13 filters are a wise choice. But if these situations don’t apply to you, a MERV 5 filter should suffice.

Size of Filter

Filters are not a one-size-fits-all product. Air returns are of varying sizes, and you need to buy a filter that fits. If you have multiple HVAC systems in your home, you may need a different size for each one. Most often, you can find the size printed on the filter cabinet door. The filter should fit snugly to provide the most benefit.

No matter what filter you ultimately choose, you need to remember to replace it often. Doing so will make the entire system more efficient and improve indoor air quality. Schedule service with Hill Plumbing & Air to ensure you have the right air filter for your home.

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