When the pipes of an existing home or building are replaced, it’s called re-piping. Most homes over 25 years old have galvanize, polybutylene, and old piping for water piping.  As this type of piping ages, the lining wears away and creates rust. Since 1925, Hill Plumbing and Air has been providing re-piping services to residents in and around Sumter, Manning, Santee, Camden, Bishopville, Turbeville, Wedgefield, and Florence.

Re-piping a home or business offers many advantages including increased water pressure, eliminating rust while also solving problems with leaky pipes.


  • Very Low Water Pressure
  • Water Tastes Rusty or Metallic
  • Leaking in Multiple Areas
  • Pipes With Pinhole Leaks
  • Steadily Increasing Water Bills


There are a wide range of materials that can be used for a re-piping job. Many different types of piping can be installed, including PVC, CPVC, PEX, and copper piping.


To better serve our clients, Hill Plumbing and Air recommends Uponor pex piping. This is a more viable and sustainable option for re-piping. Uponor is similar to other PVC systems but has a superior flexibility, durability and stable cost characteristics. Its elasticity provides fewer connections while creating faster installs. Uponor pex piping also offers greater water pressure than standard pex piping. Uponor also has one of the more impressive warranties in the industry at 25 years. Our licensed technicians are trained to install an Uponor system as a more effective and efficient option for your home or business.


PVC and CPVC are made of plastic. It’s one of the more popular options largely due to economics. It’s less expensive to manufacture and to transport. Most newer homes are piped in this kind of piping. PVC and CPVC piping has its advantages. It’s easy to install and repair while also providing flexibility reducing the amount of fittings that is required. Businesses that opted not to use copper are usually piped in CPVC. CPVC is similar to Sch40 pipe, in that it is rigid requiring more fittings costing owners more money. 


Copper piping is one of the more durable options but it also carries the most expensive price tag. Many of the older homes that are not galvanized are often piped in copper. Today copper is far more popular for commercial than residential applications. Not only is copper resilient, but it also adds resale value to a property. The one downside of copper piping is that it can be recycled often resulting in theft.

If you’re worried about the state of your pipes, contact the team at Hill Plumbing and Air today!

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