Why the Hill Plumbing & Air Palmetto Club Saves You Money

Your plumbing system takes care of you year-round. Are you doing your part to take care of it? Hill Plumbing and Air Palmetto Club provides one annual plumbing inspection to make sure everything is running right. Here’s why signing up will save you money.

Increased Energy Efficiency and Reduced Water Waste

When it comes to your plumbing, annual inspections ensure they don’t have issues that could bump up your water bill. Here are some of the things included:

  • Evaluate all plumbing and fixtures that are visible and not behind walls or drywall
  • Check all water lines, faucets, and toilets for leaks that could be increasing your water use
  • Inspect gas pipes to ensure there are no leaks
  • Look at waste lines to check for leakage
  • Check water heaters for proper function
  • Ensure pumps are operating normally

Fewer Repairs

Repairs to your plumbing system can throw your budget completely off track. Regular inspection and service can find and repair small issues before they become expensive problems. Additionally, with regular service, well-functioning equipment is less likely to break down, preventing costly repairs.

Longer Life Expectancy for Your Systems

Just like a car that gets regular service, your plumbing will last longer when it gets the TLC it needs. Maintenance and service keep it functioning as it should, cutting down on wear and tear and increasing the life expectancy of your water equipment. If you compare the cost of maintenance to the cost of repair or replacement, you’ll see you’ll come out ahead with the right service plan.

Only one company offers the highly effective and competitive Palmetto Plan. To find out more about how it can save you money, contact the team at Hill Plumbing and Air.



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