How to Cool a Sunroom without Breaking the Bank

How to Cool a Sunroom without Breaking the Bank

Whether you are adding on a sunroom or already have one, knowing how to cool it efficiently without breaking the bank can challenging. You want to be able to enjoy your sunroom all year long—even during the hottest months of the year. After all, there’s nothing like relaxing in the sunroom with a cool glass of lemonade in July! One smart, affordable solution to keep your sunroom cool and comfortable is the extremely compact mini split ductless system.

How Mini Split Ductless Systems Cool a Sunroom

With a split ductless air conditioner, there are two primary components: an outdoor condenser or compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. Refrigerant flows between the outdoor unit and indoor unit through copper tubing. You can mount the indoor air handler unit on the wall, floor, or ceiling, giving you plenty of options if your sunroom is all windows.

The mini-split ductless system works separately from your primary HVAC system and can control up to nine different zones in your home. It’s an affordable and convenient option if you need to keep other spaces cooler or warmer, depending on the season.

Benefits of Using a Mini Split Ductless System

Investing in a ductless system for your sunroom provides many benefits, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Individual temperature control for specific spaces
  • No need for costly duct additions
  • Low maintenance—no annual check-up necessary, and basic cleaning and filter changes will keep it running optimally
  • Improved air quality due to the system’s built-in air filtration system

Are you ready to learn more about installing a mini-split ductless system to cool your sunroom without breaking the bank? Your trusted local heating and air team is here to help.Contact Hill Plumbing & Air in Sumter, SC or Florence, SC to find a budget-friendly cooling solution for your sunroom.

Are Drain Cleaners Good for Your Plumbing?

Drain cleaners

Are drain cleaners safe to use for your home or business plumbing? Dealing with clogged drains is a tremendous hassle, and you may be trying to consider all your options to solve the problem. Before you go to the store to purchase a drain cleaning product, it’s important to consider the risks that drain cleaners pose to your plumbing system.

How Drain Cleaning Chemicals Can Damage Your Pipes

You may find several brands of drain cleaning products at your local store that claim to work like magic on a clogged drain. What they don’t tell you is the potential damage they can cause to your residential or commercial plumbing.

Pouring a drain cleaner down the bathtub, shower, or sink drain causes a chemical reaction that creates heat. This heat is what dissolves the clog, liquifying it so it can move down the drain. The problem is that the heat doesn’t just dissolve the clog; it also can corrode or damage your plumbing pipes—especially older metal or plastic pipes. As a result, what you thought was a simple drain cleaning technique can lead to the need for a costly pipe replacement in the future.

Other problems with drain cleaners include:

  • Health hazards resulting from dangerous chemical fumes
  • Environmental hazards as the chemicals seep into your property’s ground areas and water sources
  • Damage to sink or bathtub because the chemicals can potentially erode enamel finishes and metals

Choose Hill Plumbing & Air for Safe, Effective Drain Cleaning Solutions

There’s no need to risk the dangers of drain cleaning products when you can turn to your trusted local plumbers to get the job done right and safely. At Hill Plumbing & Air, we use the latest solutions and technology to take the guesswork and risk out of unclogging your drain. Let our experts get to the bottom of your drain problem. Contact Hill Plumbing & Air today to schedule drain cleaning services.

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