Backflow Testing: What You Need to Know

backflow testingAccess to safe, clean water is a top priority for any home or business owner, which is why backflow testing and related services are so important. Trying to learn more about backflow preventer testing and backflow services to protect your water supply from contamination? Keep reading for the facts you need to know.

What Is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is a procedure that mitigates the dangerous effects of backflow, which can contaminate the water with fecal matter, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals. The backflow testing process involves a plumber assessing how the plumbing system’s backflow preventer performs. They check the backflow valves to identify leakage, insufficient gauge movement, and other signs of a malfunctioning device.

If they determine all parts are working correctly during the test, you’ll know your water supply is safe. However, if they identify a problem when backflow testing the equipment, they must perform backflow preventer repair to safeguard your water supply right away.

What Do Backflow Services Include?

Professional backflow services will cover tasks related to the maintenance, repair, and optimal functioning of your backflow preventer. At Hill Plumbing and Air, our experienced technicians provide the following backflow services:

  • Backflow testing
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Inspections
  • Re-Certifications

We understand that a malfunctioning backflow preventer can spell disaster for your home or business. Count on our technicians to offer the reliable backflow testing and services you need to keep your family members or customers safe. Contact Hill Plumbing and Air today to schedule backflow testing or other backflow services.

2 Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

cool in the summerAs the temperatures outside get steamier, you may be looking for ways to keep the house cool. Is achieving a comfortable home environment possible without blasting the AC nonstop and paying for an outrageous energy bill each month? Yes, it is! Discover the top two tips to keep your house cool so you can escape the summertime heat (without breaking the bank).


#1: Make the Most of Your Ceiling Fans

Using your home’s ceiling fans properly will boost air circulation to create a cooling effect. Many homeowners discover they can use their ceiling fans to cut energy costs by keeping the thermostat setting higher without sacrificing comfort. A refreshing breeze makes the room feel cooler, even if the temperature is a little higher. For best results, ensure the ceiling fan blade direction is running counterclockwise; this creates a cooling downdraft.


#2: Replace Your Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your HVAC air filter? If it is dirty or clogged, the air can’t flow like it should through the system. As a result, the system will have to work harder to reach the setting on your thermostat. In other words, a dirty air filter makes your HVAC work too hard, increases your energy bill, AND leads to a less comfortable environment. The HVAC experts agree–one of the best ideas to keep your house cool is to change the air filter regularly.

If you are looking for more ideas to keep your house cool this summer, turn to your trusted HVAC pros at Hill Plumbing and Air. We have been helping homeowners create optimal indoor climates for several decades. Let us provide preventative maintenance or HVAC system repair to ensure you maximize your climate control all season long. Contact Hill Plumbing and Air to schedule service or for more ways to keep your house cool this summer.

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